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Strike a pose — explore these Dallas-area art exhibits happening this fall


Whether you hold a degree in Art History that you bring up at every single party or you keep confusing Matisse and Monet, you need to go to more art museums. It’s an integral part of being a well-rounded person and, let’s face it, we could all stand to be a little more discerning. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you find the best exhibits occurring in and around Dallas this fall. Keep reading for our top picks.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re all pretty obsessed with technology. It’s considered front-page news when Apple releases a new product or when Elon Musk drops a hint about a Tesla Easter egg feature. However, this phenomenon isn’t new. “Cult of the Machine” explores America’s interest in technology and mechanically-inspired architecture, art and design from the 1910s to WWII at the DMA through January 6. This exhibition features Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Strand and many more all featuring a machine-like, streamlined aesthetic. This exhibit’s highlight of these American Precisionists presents an important snapshot of a unique moment in America’s visual history.

Hans Arp was a major figure in the massively important — and strange — Dada art movement. He was, in fact, the founder of it, and his use of chaos, spontaneity and collaboration turned the art world during and around WWI on its head. The Nature of Arp at the Nasher Sculpture Center through January 6 showcases these traits that underscore not only Dada but surrealism as well. If you regularly consume unusual, unconventional media, you probably have Hans Arp to thank for laying the groundwork for lots of the strange content we have available today. The sculptures featured in this exhibit highlight Arp’s engagement with the “laws of chance” and his interest in fragmentation. This might seem heady, but it will make plenty of sense once you see his works in person. And you will go to this exhibit unless you want for all of the cooler art folks to call you a square.


It’s worth mentioning that this exhibit is at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. I know, I know, this isn’t in Dallas, and for that I’m sorry. Good art, however, doesn’t adhere to your geographic limitations, maaan. And this exhibit features not only good art but important art, as well. Laurie Simmons has been exploring gender roles and archetypes through primarily photography for over forty years. She often uses props and dolls to replace humans in her work, which allows her the creative space to thoroughly investigate topics such as the domestic roles of women in society. Her work is frequently based on her observations of how “The American Dream” shaped her world growing up. The artistic and societal statements she was making in the ‘70s are every bit as pertinent today which makes this exhibit crucial viewing. Don’t miss it before it leaves January 27.

Dallas has lots of art to explore, but these three exhibits are the perfect place to begin. Make sure you check out the rest of Label Local to find other activities that will perfectly pair with your day at the museum.