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Unique Dallas Movie Experiences That Are Coming Soon


If you're anything like me, you've racked up quite a substantial movie count this sweltering season. It's been too hot to do anything outside, so movie theaters have been — and still are — the ultimate destination; they provide hours of entertainment, snacks, and they always have the AC cranked. The downside of going to most theaters, however, is the one-size-fits-all programming. 

Most major theaters play a pretty limited range of new films that cater to broad, mainstream audiences. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this, but sometimes we viewers want something more from our theater outings. Theaters offer unparalleled movie-watching experiences, and we shouldn't (and don't) have to just watch blockbusters in them. Over the next month, several theaters and venues are offering some more off the wall programming that's sure to satisfy all you weirdos and nerds. Keep reading for my top upcoming picks.

Camp Dismember at Alamo Drafthouse | August 31 
Speaking of great programming, Camp Dismember is an excellent example of Alamo Drafthouse going above and beyond to satisfy us cinema geeks. Camp Dismember is a mystery marathon in which three lesser-known camp-based horror movies will be shown for our blood-drenched pleasures. With each film, the theater will also screen movie shorts to keep you entertained all day long.

Pan’s Labyrinth 35 mm at Texas Theatre | September 1
Guillermo Del Toro's dark, fantastical masterpiece is coming to the Texas Theater on 35mm. Whether you're a fan of the film or it's your first viewing, getting to see this movie on actual film — rather than digitally — will be an incredible experience. Del Toro is a huge cinephile, and getting to see his work how it was initially intended is quite a treat. 

Satanic Panic + Texas Horror Shorts at Gas Monkey Live | September 13
To be honest, I had no idea that Gas Monkey showed movies, but I'm thrilled to know that they do because I'm incredibly excited to see the upcoming horror comedy “Satanic Panic.” The film is produced, in part, by Fangoria — the legendary horror magazine (which is now local), so you know it will be great. In addition to the screening, this event encourages costumes and will host vendors, DJs, and will be showing two short films from Texas filmmakers. Best of all, general admission tickets for this are free, so, if you're a fan of horror — or Texas-based filmmaking — you have no excuse not to come.

Found Footage Festival: Vol. 9 at Texas Theatre | September 14
Found Footage Festival is back with their ninth volume. FFF is a group that scours old VHS tapes from all sorts of strange places, selects the best footage, compiles it and creates a wildly entertaining show with it. This isn't just watching a movie; the members of FFF talk about each of the clips and provide fantastic context for their weird finds. Follow the link above for more information and to see an example of what FFF does.

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin Performing The Score To Deep Red at Gas Monkey Live | September 26
Gas Monkey is crushing it in September. This event is cool for two reasons: first, “Deep Red” is a classic Giallo film from the legendary Dario Argento. Giallo is an Italian genre that primarily consists of thriller/mystery/horror films. They are often visually stunning but frequently have less-than-substantive plots. By the end, though, viewers don't really care, as the movies look fantastic and are incredibly entertaining. This event is also notable because there will be a live score accompanying the film performed by Goblin, who did the original soundtrack. I'd consider this a must-see event for those who love genre films.

Ultimate Willy Wonka Party With Live Q+A at Alamo Drafthouse Richardson | September 27
Alamo Drafthouse has phenomenal programming, and they consistently host unique showings for fans of all genres and preferences. For this live Willy Wonka party, there will be lots of thematically relevant props, snacks, and activities to turn the movie viewing into a full-blown party. Plus, two actors from the film will be in attendance to do a Q+A with the audience after the screening. Get your weird questions ready, and be prepared to make some actors uncomfortable with your obsessive knowledge about the film.

Snoopy Come Home at Angelika Theater | September 29
Introduce the children to this Peanuts classic at Angelika Film Center in Mockingbird Center. “Snoopy Come Home” is the second animated feature in the Peanuts gallery (get it?) and focuses on Snoopy’s dilemma to leave Charlie Brown and return to his original owner. See this 1972 classic on the big screen. Rated G.