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Reel Scary Horror Movies for Halloween Goosebumps


Ah, October. Fiery leaves sway in the crisp autumn air as the temperature begins to drop. Front porches are inhabitable once again, and they beg to be used for late night conversations over mugs filled to the brim with warm mulled cider. We look forward to refreshing walks and picking out the perfect pumpkins to adorn our doorsteps.

And, most importantly, we can finally watch nothing but blood-drenched, splatter-filled, terror-inducing movies for an entire month. October and horror films are a match made in hell, and you better believe this writer is going to bask in their unholy union for 31 glorious days.

Luckily, Dallas theaters are hosting some incredible screenings of terrifying films that range from classics of cinema to grindhouse cult favorites. We’ve compiled the best showings that no film enthusiast will want to miss. Silence those phones, boils and ghouls, because you’ve got some movies to watch.

“Halloween” 40th Anniversary at The Inwood Theater | 10/12 & 10/13

No one should be surprised that a theater is showing “Halloween” during October. It's one of the most iconic horror movies ever made. Plus, it’s objectively good! It’s one of the rare horror flicks that cinephiles and movie snobs don’t loathe. With the highly anticipated remake/sequel coming out on the 19th, this should put you in the perfect mood for that film as well. These are both midnight showings, so make sure to wear your coolest pajamas.

This is a strange one. It’s about... you guessed it: “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”. It’s a really goofy movie filled with cotton candy cocoons (seriously, I’m not just trying to add a cool alliteration) and other carnival-themed, deadly shenanigans. It’s a cult classic and has a phenomenal theme song provided by the quintessential punk band The Dickies. It will play on 35mm, which is a nice bonus for you film nerds. Following the screening, there will be a punk show behind the screen. Killer Klowns and punk rock? Count me in.

The Hills have Eyes” at the Inwood Theater | 10/19 & 10/20

Here we have another midnight showing of a horror classic. Wes Craven’s “The Hills Have Eyes” is a brutal tale of an All-American family whose car breaks down in the desert. If that’s not bad enough, a cannibalistic, inbred family stalks and brutally attacks them. This film is another classic of the genre, but it is truly brutal and not for the weak of heart (or stomach). It’s great.

James Whale’s “Bride of Frankenstein” is a classic monster movie in the most real sense. This sequel to “Frankenstein” is one of the rare instances in which the follow-up is considered superior to the original. This film is consistently ranked both as one of the top horror movies of all time as well as one of the greatest films ever made. Bride of Frankenstein is genuinely one of the OG monster movies and continues to hold up more than 80 years since its release.

“Psycho” at The Angelika | 10/31

What better way to spend Halloween than with Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”? Featuring the creepiest mama’s boy of them all—Norman Bates—this film is a bonafide masterpiece. With four Oscar nominations and a current rank of 33 on IMDB’s top movies of all time, Psycho should not be missed.

Needless to say, Dallas has a lot of Horror screenings this month, so make sure you take advantage and live the spookiest month to the fullest.