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Sweet Tooth Hotel Is A Sugar Rush for Your Senses and Social Media

Enter the Sweet Tooth Hotel (Photo: Allison Collins)

Enter the Sweet Tooth Hotel (Photo: Allison Collins)

There’s never a shortage of art-related activities in the Metroplex, but this summer’s Sweet Tooth installation takes the cake. (Sorry, puns.) If you’re the type to post your artsy adventures for all of social media to see, you’re in luck. That sort of sharing is encouraged here.

Concepted by husband and wife, Cole and Jencey Keeton, Sweet Tooth Hotel brings together work by some of DFW's most innovative artists as well as a curated selection of products and art in The Gift Shoppe. This experimental art and retail space in Victory Park is in its third year of operation, with this year’s installation series entitled DISCOTECH. 

In collaboration with px.lab, a mixed reality studio focused on large-scale new media productions, DISCOTECH combines music and new media to create interactive audio-visual installations that invite us to step up to the stage, perform and reflect. The space has grown to 5,000 square feet since its inception, with this year’s exhibition featuring works by Jeremy Biggers, Tramaine Townsend, Shamsy Roomiani, The Color Condition, Cole Keeton, Lee Duck and more. 

“Deified” by Tremaine Townsend (Photo: Allison Collins)

“Deified” by Tremaine Townsend (Photo: Allison Collins)

Upon entry of the Victory Park space, you’ll find a lobby gift shop curated with holographic designs and sugary curios, with an enormous LED neon ice cream cone created by Jeremy Biggers. Once you’re cleared to enter the hotel, the golden elevator doors open to cream and pink roses all along the hallway that transition into disco balls and iridescent tinsel curtains. 

One door in the flower-covered hallway opens to Tramaine Townsend’s Deified, a camera-filled mirrored room bathing in a red glow from the neon hanging above. The other door leads to Shamsy Roomiani’s Bedspring, a floral-encased room with a kaleidoscope of relaxing color. 

Even the bathrooms at Sweet Tooth Hotel are all decked out, with rainbow and disco motifs that call for a selfie or two. Once you make it out of the bathrooms and around the corner, the space opens up to reveal a disco-embellished throne, complete with a cosmic convertible and a stage. As much as I’d love to go into detail here, it’s really just something you’ll want to experience for yourself. No spoilers. 

All of that dancing and posing has probably worked up a need for a cocktail or two, so make sure to head near the doors to check out the new Prince-themed bar, Reign. And just like everything else at the hotel, you’ll want to reserve some space on your camera roll for this. Again, I don’t want to spoil all of it… so you’ll just have to scoop up some tickets to go see it for yourself.

Score your tickets to Sweet Tooth Hotel on their website while you can — this place has a history of selling out. If you’re unable to make it for any of the scheduled times, feel free to visit Reign without a ticket. DISCOTECH will be open for viewing until the end of August, and then we’ll all have to stay tuned to see what Chapter 4 will bring. Until then, bring your friends and get your cameras ready.