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Drink This: DFW Beers That Double as Jackets


When the days turn dark and cold and winter reaches its nadir, you can usually find us in the corner of a pub with a beer. But while we might enjoy a sour in the summer or lager in the fall, January calls for beers that envelope us like another layer and keep us warm with deep, rich flavors and (typically) high ABVs. Here are the winter beers from around town that we’re pouring this time of year.

The Caucasian | Texas Ale Project

Some might say that it’s silly to try and put the flavors of a White Russian into an imperial stout by loading it with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, but uh… that’s just their opinion, man. We’re here for it, el duderino.

Bourbon Barrel Temptress | Lakewood Brewing

The Temptress is one of Dallas’ classic beers, but beyond the OG imperial milk stout and its varietals, you’ll find the BBT. Lakewood stores The Temptress in oak bourbon barrels for up to 10 months to produce a boozier brew that boosts the vanilla, coffee and caramel notes to another level. Grab a bomber and sip it slowly by a roaring fire.

Don’t Be Scared | Peticolas Brewing

Peticolas just celebrated their 7th anniversary and this barleywine was their gift to Dallas. It’s barleywine season, and if there’s any place to trust to get it right, it’s Michael Peticolas’ operation in the Design District. Head to the taproom for this limited release and remember: It might check in at 13% ABV and >100 IBU, but don’t be scared.

Small English Brown | Small Brewpub

It might seem silly to call a beer that checks in around 7% as a lightweight, but on this list the Small English Brown is definitely playing out of its weight class. Still, this brown ale from Small Brewpub brings a malty and bready richness that more than meets expectations. It might not be a full-on parka like some of these other brews, but you won’t go cold drinking it.

Yub Nub | Noble Rey Brewing Co.

Noble Rey is known for their inventive can art, but inside those cans are some pretty delicious beers. The Yub Nub draws inspiration (but is legally distinct) from Disney-owned furry creatures that lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Pour out one of these stouts for a big chocolatey treat for dessert.