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A Cheese Board So Good, We’ll Travel North to Denton


Cheese menus can be a little intimidating, especially when you don’t have a clear jumping off point. Thankfully there are places like Ten:One Artisanal Cheese Shop, where you can walk in and get a perfectly-curated board with a complete history.

Located in a strip setting in Denton, Texas, this small shop is well worth the trip up north. With cheese and pickles available to take home or enjoy at one of their bistro tables, it’s a great place to bring friends and enjoy some low-key snacking before heading off to enjoy some sunset patio time (hi, Eastside Bar) or an on-point cocktail on the square (oh hello, Paschall Bar). There’s also a thoughtfully hand-picked selection of beer, cider, and wine for you to enjoy, but there’s no shame in sticking with water — the cheese is the main event.

For those of us who don’t have a ton of knowledge about some of our favorite treats and how to pair them (hi, me), Ten:One makes ordering a breeze. When you make your way up to the front of the line, you have the cheesemonger’s undivided attention. Curious about their Felsentaler? They’ll be able to tell you all about it, from its origin to the flavor notes and what drink will work best. Want to try a few? You probably won’t even have to ask for a sample; they will already be slicing a generous piece for you to try for yourself and the rest of your group. Pro tip: select your beverage first and have them build the board around your choice. You won’t be sorry.

Ten:One regularly receives new shipments of cheeses, so their assortment is always changing. Be sure to snap a photo of your selection markers while the staff prepares your board. And if you’re a little more famished, there are certain cheeses on the menu that are available in a grilled cheese sandwich option. One of their more popular options is Red Dragon, an English cheddar made of brown ale, mustard seed and horseradish. But there’s also Curd, Truffle, Beehive Cajun Cheddar and a classic PB&J.

In addition to all of their delicious cheeses, there’s also a selection of cased meats, homemade pickles and other items for you to take home or enjoy with your board. And while their latest cheese class sold out almost immediately, their Events section is a great resource to stay in the loop and claim your spot.

So it turns out that visiting an artisanal cheese shop doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. We just have to find a place full of folks that love to talk about cheese as much as we love to eat it.