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Reset Yourself with the Vegan Bowl at Company Cafe


A few weeks ago, I returned from an extended trip to the Pacific Northwest (lovely place, do visit) with a need for a hard reset. Nine days of travel had left me tired, but more importantly, it had left my stomach battered and abused. You know how it goes: Eating out every meal, exploring the rich and vibrant cuisine of a new place and typically with a beer or cocktail not too far away. I feasted on ramen, sushi, biscuits, oysters and more.

I returned to Dallas spent. So it was with mild trepidation that I found myself at Company Cafe on Lowest Greenville the next morning for breakfast with a colleague. My system felt polluted and in desperate need of a cleanse. Breakfast is not a meal that usually helps me. Whether it’s breakfast tacos and burritos or a Ron Swanson-esque plate, my breakfasts lean toward the carby, the fatty and the heavy. Gotta fuel up for a long day out in the blog fields, after all.

But I couldn’t order the Johnny Rooster (fried chicken, pancakes, bacon & jalapeno marmalade and syrup) or the Local Farmer Scramble (bacon, eggs, onions, mushrooms, cheddar with a slice of toast) no matter how appetizing they sounded. Because at that moment, on that early June morning, they did not sound appetizing.

But the Vegan Bowl did. This mixture of vegan eggs, spinach, chickpeas, potatoes, quinoa, onions, mushrooms and avocado shined brightly on the menu, and I knew that if I was to ever balance my system again, I needed to start with this bowl. (And a side of sourdough toast, of course. I’m not a loon.)

Have you ever had your body thank you? Sometimes it’ll happen after walking out of a strenuous workout and feeling the cool air on your skin. Or maybe when you chug some coconut milk while laying on your couch on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a great feeling to replenish your… soul? Is that what it is?

This is not a story about how a vegan dish made my soul better. It’s about how a collection of spinach, chickpeas, quinoa, potatoes, mushrooms, vegan eggs (tofu) and half of an avocado turned out to be delicious. I mean, that’s essentially a breakfast salad. And I liked it. I liked it so much, I went back a few days later and had it again. That’s right, I had two breakfast salads.

I can’t tell you that the Vegan Bowl will make you a better person or fix that thing going on with your elbow. It’s not going to reverse bad decisions. But if you ever find yourself with the need to eat good, then the Vegan Bowl at Company Cafe will put you on the right path. Just make sure you apply plenty of salsa. This is Texas, after all.