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Eat This: Pork Burger Banh Mi at DaLat


Pork Burger

Banh Mi

at Dalat

If Dallas has a city dish, it is the burger. Boring sure, but beef is king in North Texas. And while we would love to be at Nick & Sam's or Al Biernat's every weekend, our budget keeps us limited to bovine between two buns. Fortunately, the city is rife with enough good burger joints to ignite a contentious conversation about which one is best for hours. But what if we tried something... not beef. Blasphemy? No — an epiphany. 

At the Vietnamese comfort food spot DaLat in East Dallas, they're melding Dallas' burger obsession with the classic banh mi sandwich for the — wait for it — Pork Burger Banh Mi. It has all the staples of a delicious banh mi: a chewy French baguette; loads of carrots, cucumber and jalapeños; a healthy load of mayo.

But in place of pig that's been shredded, chopped or sliced, there is this oblong pork patty. It's thick, juicy, appropriately charred if not a bit goofy looking at first glance. You know, like a burger. It's also more porky than most banh mi — the uniformity of a patty makes every bite meat-centric. Again, like a burger. All of this threatens to tip the typical savory and sour scales of a banh mi toward the meaty, umami profile of the patty.

Thankfully, the wheat chips that come with the sandwich provide a bright, sour and crisp respite. Looking for even more texture change? The accompanying broth — the foundation of DaLat's excellent pho — will have you dipping your burger banh mi like a French Dip for maximum flavor possibility. 

All of this for just $10. And since DaLat is open until 2 AM, we highly recommend a post-Strangeways late night trek to enjoy this Dallas-ised banh mi.