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Drink This: Dallas Beers for Tailgating

Tailgating: An ancient American college tradition, passed down from generation to generation. We’ve put together a list of the best local breweries and brews for your growler and six-pack pick-up before the big game. Come one and come all as we hand pick a specialty brew made to your exact tastes.

Come and Take It from Peticolas Brewing

Tailgates are marathons, not sprints — something we wish we could remind the freshmen version of us. Therefore, a nice kolsch like the Come and Take It from Peticolas provides ample taste and refreshment at a mellow 5% abv. A growler of this from Craft & Growler is an ideal way to begin an afternoon of cornhole and barbecue.

Local Buzz from Four Corners Brewing Co.

Four Corners Brewing Co. has created a buzz with their honey-rye golden ale. Crafted with locally sourced honey, Local Buzz is crisp as can be with an indulgent and sweet floral aroma, great for those of us who prefer a light and airy beer to dark and malty. This brew is highly drinkable with a pleasantly dry and smooth finish.

Apple Pineapple at Bishop Cider

For our cider lovers, Bishop Cider Co. offers a huge variety of unexpected flavors. Best of all, Bishop Cider Co. keeps it all natural, choosing to skip on adding any additional sweeteners to their drinks. The only sugar you’ll find in these ciders comes from the domestically sourced juices straight from the Pacific Northwest. We recommend the Apple Pineapple, a rich gold colored brew and beyond satisfying fruity taste.

Deep Ellum Lager at DEBC

You didn’t think we’d leave out Deep Ellum Brewing Company, did you? Bring a guaranteed crowd-pleaser when you pick up Deep Ellum Lager, a throwback American lager with the perfect blend of malt and spices. The can screams with off-the-wall imagery but inside, this drink caters to a naturalistic taste with its earthy and floral notes and the crispness of a lager making it a DFW classic.

The Punktress at Lakewood Brewing

Lakewood Brewing Company closes up the list, but they’re certainly anything from last. You’ve likely heard of The Temptress, but because this is fall, we’re throwing in their Punkel, a pumpkin-spiced dunkel, to create a half-and-half called The Punktress. You’re getting the strong and dark chocolate-caramel malt of The Temptress with the fall goodness of pumpkin pie, perfect for late-fall tailgating.