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Biscuit Sandwiches Around Dallas That Dominate Our Brunches


PSA: Biscuits ain’t just for breakfast. And there are plenty of Dallas eateries to get your fluffy biscuit fix, whether you’re satisfying that sweet tooth or opting for something with a little more heat. Scroll on for a list of spots serving up biscuit concoctions that live up to the hype.

East Point Biscuit at Goodfriend Package, $8: Nothing against the classic chicken biscuit, but if you’re going to mix it up… get piggy with it. The East Point comes loaded with ham, bacon and melting white cheddar for a savory salt bomb. *drool* (1155 Peavy Road) 

Spicy Chicken Biscuit at Rapscallion, $9: With a crispy chicken thigh, honey-mala sauce and a horseradish pickle, this buttermilk biscuit sandwich from this Lower Greenville favorite will DEFINITELY wake you up. (2023 Greenville Avenue) 

Fork and Knife Chicken Finger Biscuit Sandwiches at Chicken Scratch, $12: Grab a picnic table under the string lights and make it a double. Chicken Scratch’s “plain” chicken biscuit sandwich comes topped with oregano vinegar honey and pickles, smothered with gravy fries and American cheese. And if you require a little more spice, their buffalo sandwich keeps it classic with bleu cheese and celery. (2303 Pittman Street) 

Fried Chicken & Biscuits at The Skellig, $9: Okay, so this comes plated with biscuits already smothered in that noteworthy jalapeno gravy… but if you want to skip the knife and fork and eat it with your hands, order the gravy on the side and dip to your heart’s content. (2409 N Henderson Avenue) 

The Monte Cristo at The Biscuit Bar, $7: It’s pretty much the best ham and cheese sandwich ever, only in biscuit form. Enjoy ham, smoked turkey and jack cheese on a *french toast* biscuit, made complete with a bright strawberry preserve. (6501 Hillcrest Avenue) 

Chicken in a Biscuit at Ida Claire, $13: Who doesn’t love a good gravy/aioli combination? This tasty crispy chicken concoction features peppered gravy and aioli, gem lettuce, marinated tomato and a sunny side up egg. Oh yes. (5001 Belt Line Road) 

Biscuit Sandwich with Bacon at Bubba's Cooks Country, $4: You’re probably familiar with Babe’s chicken, so you know that this restaurant relative is the real deal. Choose between sausage or bacon (or live your best life and order both). (6617 Hillcrest Avenue) 

Chicken Tender Biscuits at Overeasy, $13: If you’re lucky enough to find yourself at the Statler for breakfast, you can’t go wrong with their fluffy biscuit sandwiches, served with applewood smoked bacon and a damn-near-perfect honey butter. (1914 Commerce Street) 

The Whistle Britches at Whistle Britches, $13: You know the namesake sandwich at a restaurant has gotta be good. This classic crispy chicken sandwich features both honey butter and pepper jelly. Spoiler: it’s pretty much heaven. (6110 Frankford Road)

Amy Biscuit at Hypnotic Donuts, $7: Can’t decide between spicy or sweet? Then you gotta go with the Amy. It’s got bacon, pickles, Southwest spicy mustard, cheddar and honey. Sounds like the perfect hangover cure to us. (9007 Garland Road)

Josh’s Big Biscuit Sandwich at Cane Rosso, $14: It’s difficult to pass up the pizzas at Cane Rosso, but if you’re brunching down in Deep Ellum, then you’re going for the sandwich. Pick the fried chicken and bacon marmalade option or find your pork happy place with Italian ham, bacon, smoked mozzarella and more. Either way, you’re going to be full. (2612 Commerce St.)