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Label Local Holiday Shopping Guide for the Dallas Foodie


When it comes to shopping for the foodies on your gifting list, keeping it local shouldn’t be a problem. After all, there are plenty of new spots to try and tons of places to score some wishlist-worthy gifts. Check out what we’re getting for our food-obsessed friends this holiday season:

Any true foodie will appreciate the value of a paid trip to Jimmy’s, whether it’s scooping up a sandwich for lunch or shopping for Sunday dinner.

Each class at The Cookery is led by an engaging culinary instructor who guides participants through the creation of a three- to four-course dinner. And think of it this way: Gifting your loved one a cooking class will definitely come back to you tenfold.

Here’s a winning trio from Scardello. Give this to someone you’d like to split some Champagne and triple-creme brie with by the fireplace.

Minimize time spent at the chopping block with this board set. The blade of the chopper fits perfectly in the hollow in the chopping board, and the ideal cutting surface keeps what is being cut on the board.

Every foodie can *always* use more oils. This fabulous set includes eight 60 ml sample bottles of oils and vinegars. And we highly recommend picking up a few bottles for yourself.

Spark some conversation over cockails (whiskey) with this hand-cut ode to the Highwaymen. This set of four glasses includes Johnny, Waylon, Willie, and Kris.

A good knife is a must for any serious kitchen arsenal. The wide blade keeps knuckles off the cutting board and is extra handy when transferring cut food from board to pan.

Chocolate is always a popular gift, but we’re upgrading from your run-of-the-mill Hershey’s for a whole box of artisanal chocolate that’ll hit any tastebud right in the sweet spot.

This iconic Dutch oven won’t need to be seasoned and works for both oven and stove top. The only issue will be selecting just one color.

One simply shouldn’t just do a shot out of any glass. This stocking stuffer will let the drinker in your life class up their celebrations just a little.