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Psst! Find yourself ordering a cocktail or two at these Dallas speakeasies


While we’re totally down to spend an evening at our favorite dive, there’s something to be said about the secretive speakeasy vibe. And whether you’re whispering the password into the bouncer’s ear or just walking in and enjoying a top-notch cocktail at an undisclosed location, it definitely sets the scene for a night to remember (or maybe *not* remember so well). Scroll on for some of our favorite local speakeasy spots to majorly impress your +1.

La Viuda Negra: We’ve already professed our love for El Come, but their semi-recent speakeasy addition proves that they can do no wrong. Skip the search engine (and plenty of telenovela results) and head over to their Old East Dallas storefront. You’ll find some A+ Mezcal offerings and cocktails at the unassuming dress shop next door. (2513 North Fitzhugh Avenue) 

Wah Wah Room: So this place isn’t *technically* a speakeasy, but the vibe in this ‘70s-inspired bar definitely nails the cozy, secretive atmosphere on Lowest Greenville. Find the door next to Laurel Tavern, take a seat and enjoy a cocktail or two (we love the gin-fueled Greenville Grammar). (1922 Greenville Avenue)

Bourbon & Banter: For a bar located in the basement of the Statler Hotel, we expect nothing less than a stellar time. Head upstairs first to get your bowl on at Scout and then head downstairs and through the phone booth for some good conversation and quite the bourbon selection. (1914 Commerce Street) 

Atwater Alley: Located behind the kitchen of Henry’s Majestic, Atwater Alley has been described as equal parts Wild West and Victorian with a menu that’s always changing. Intrigued yet? Walk into the restaurant and ask the staff where to go—they’ll point you in the right direction. (4900 McKinney Avenue) 

Black Swan Saloon: Pro tip: the best places are always the ones without signs. This Deep Ellum bar is the *perfect* place to take a date. Just tell the bartender what kind of flavors and liquors you love and voila… the best cocktail you’ve ever had, coming right up. (2708 Elm Street) 

Paschall Bar: Sure, it’s a bit of a trek. But this unassuming spot on the Downtown Denton Square has some of the best cocktails in DFW. Look for Andy’s on the corner, walk up the stairs to the right and enjoy a Piers Plowman and a stellar view. (122 N Locust Street) 

Midnight Rambler: The Joule is pretty much one of our favorite downtown spots. So this basement bar tends to be a top destination for a nightcap or two. Go downstairs and grab a seat at the bar for a delicious nightcap that’s worth feeling a little sluggish in the morning. Oh, and the subtle glow from the bar makes for some gorgeous photos. (1530 Main Street) 

Jettison: If you find yourself at the Houndstooth Coffee in Sylvan Thirty with a craving for something a little stronger, then head down the hallway for this tiny, unassuming cocktail lounge. Come with just one or two other people, because this bar is for intimate conversation,

Truth & Alibi: This place has quite the reputation, so expect a dramatic time at this underground club in Deep Ellum. Keep your eyes peeled for the wholesome-looking Deep Ellum Candy Company and check their Facebook page for the week’s password. It’ll definitely be a night to remember. (2618 Elm Street)