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Desserts to Wreck Your Summer Body (or Welcome Your Fall One)


Look, we’re down with sipping on green juice and making healthy swaps whenever possible, but sometimes you just NEED sugar. And because life is too short to skip out on a good dessert, we’re plugging these Dallas destinations into our GPS to ensure an epic summer cheat day.

If you didn’t indulge in a little raw cookie dough as a child, then you were definitely missing out. So if you’d like to take a trip down memory lane (minus the Salmonella risk), these safe-to-eat doughs will be right up your alley. Peruse the classic and seasonal menus (Southern banana charm, FTW) and don’t feel bad about ordering more than one. (5915 Forest Lane, #320) (Photo: The Dough Dough)

This is *the* place to take your dessert-obsessed friends. With a little bit of everything on the menu (oh, HELLO customizable cakes), ordering to share is definitely encouraged. Start with a raspberry cream cheese cruffin, S’mores croissant and if you feel so inclined, the customizable macaron tower. (3700 McKinney Ave., #150) (Photo: Bisous Bisous)

Treat your sweet tooth and your Instagram feed to a gorgeous assortment of traditional and frozen macarons. The best part about these colorful little treats? You can order a ton of different flavors, like Passion Fruit & Guava, Bourbon Butter Pecan and Honey & Lavender. Okay, and maybe a few others. (839 W Davis St.) (Photo: Joy Macarons)

Cookies and ice cream are great and all, but sometimes you just REALLY need a fluffy, heavenly slice of cake. Susie Cakes’ menu is just traditional enough, but it’s the buzzy seasonals that keep us returning. Right now? Blueberry Pancake Breakfast cupcakes. This is not a drill. (6100 Luther Lane) (Photo: Susie Cakes Bakery)

These ice cream concoctions are truly a work of art. And if the delicious Instagram appeal isn’t enough to keep you coming back, they roll out new flavors *every month* to keep our brain freezes fresh and exciting. (3001 Knox St., #103) (Photo: Cauldron Ice Cream)

If you want to indulge your sweet tooth but don’t want to be down for the count due to a dessert coma, these pops will be your summer soulmates. Every pop on the menu is gluten-free and made without artificial ingredients, featuring fruity, creamy, paleo and cookie tastes and textures. And if you want to take your flavor experience to next-level, you can also dip, dredge, drizzle and dust your pop with a ton of different toppings. (2012 Greenville Ave.) (Photo: Steel City Pops)

This Deep Ellum shop has just one rule: Eat The Fucking Cookie. They believe in it so much, they put it on their wall. We can’t really argue, because these massive, gooey cookies are our salty love language. (2932 Main St.)

Vegans get sugar cravings, too! Whether you’re abstaining from animal products or you still want to remain somewhat on track with your diet, there’s a bit of something for everyone here. Check in to see their daily dessert offering and you won’t be disappointed (ESPECIALLY if it’s that blueberry pie). (1101 N Beckley Ave.) (Photo: Spiral Diner)