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Eat This: Jose's Taco at El Come

Photo: @livebedallas/Instagram

Photo: @livebedallas/Instagram

If there’s a more contentious Dallas food debate than where to get the best barbecue, it’s where to get the best taco.

Every Dallasite has an opinion regarding the best taqueria in the Metroplex, all based on countless standards to meet including proximity to work/home, scope of salsa variety, booze availability (or at least BYOB status), and for those of us that are truly in it to win it: authenticity.

With all that under consideration, El Come ranks among the best taco joints in Dallas. Located in a cozy restaurant strip on Fitzhugh by DaLat, this family-owned spot meets (and exceeds) every expectation: easy parking, clean tables, a frozen margarita machine, and a vast, budget-friendly menu of fresh, authentic food.

El Come has been serving up real-deal street tacos in East Dallas since 2013. This minimalist restaurant is pretty small, but don’t let the limited seating dissuade you — the handwritten chalkboard menu above the counter is pretty extensive. The menu items range from Mexico City street tacos to larger house tacos, tortas, and appetizers like elotes and frijoles. And if there’s something unfamiliar (or hard to pronounce) on the menu, the friendly face at the counter will be happy to fill you in.

Photo: @bigdbigbites/Instagram

Photo: @bigdbigbites/Instagram

While you’re getting the run down of the menu, there’s one taco that must be ordered. It’s simple, vegetarian(ish) and works for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Folks, I’d like to introduce you to Jose’s Tacos.

Named for owner Luis Villalva’s father (and the elder Villalva’s favorite taco), the Jose taco may appear to be another bland option you’d expect to find on a kids menu, but this isn’t the case. The combination of refried beans, queso fresco and ripe avocado is the stuff of dreams. I always recommend ordering a few different tacos (the nopales is a close second), but if you’re going all in on the Jose, order at least two.

If you want to kick it up a notch, just head over to their salsa bar. (We told you it was key.) There are a few homemade concoctions to choose from, along with lime wedges and the tried-and-true bottle of Valentina.  And if you want to truly do it right, order a few different things (Tajin-rimmed margarita included), and leave fat and happy. The place is called El Come, after all.