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Drink This: Fill 'er up with These Dallas Growler Stations


Growlers are magical. If you doubt their power, I’ll try to explain it to you simply: They look cool, and they hold all of the beer. In this case, the conversion rate for “all” is 64 ounces. I don’t know how else to convince you, and doing so isn’t really my job. My job is, however, to tell you about the best places to get your growler filled, and you better believe I take this work seriously.

Lakewood Growler | 6448 E Mockingbird Ln

Lakewood Growler sits in an unassuming shopping center at Mockingbird and Abrams, and it is an easily-overlooked gem. With 36 taps and a strong emphasis on Texas beers, LG is a must for local brewery aficionados. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and pretty much just want to ensure you find the beer of your dreams. You can fill up your growler (obviously) and go, or you can stick around, bring in food from a nearby restaurant — Lovers Pizza & Pasta is an excellent choice — and keep sampling beers until it’s time to call yourself a Lyft.

On Rotation Brewery + Tap Room | 7328 Gaston Ave #110

On Rotation has a lot going for it. They will fill your growler (or crowler… we’ll get to that); they will kindly let you enjoy your beer on site; they brew their own small batches of beer. They have 40 taps, so there’s bound to be a beer you’ll love. If you want to get a bit more experimental try one of their made-in-house brews. They swap out their own beers pretty frequently, so we recommend following them on the social media to stay up-to-date. Finally, if you don’t bring your own growler — or you just want to try something new — you can get a crowler, which is essentially a huge can that they’ll fill with the beer of your choice and then seal. Consider it the tall boy’s evolved form. As a fun bonus, On Rotation is next to Cane Rosso, so you can enjoy some tasty pizza while you sip a new brew. (Pizza and beer, who would’ve thought those two would make such a good combo?)


Craft Beer Cellar Dallas | 6324 Gaston Ave

Craft Beer Cellar is a great spot if you want to snag some limited release beers. The prices can fluctuate wildly, but if you’re paying more, you’re going to be getting something rare. While they have fewer taps than other growler spots, they have a large selection of bottles and cans from which you can find unique beers that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Stop by on Friday and your crowler is free. You’ll still have to pay for the beer, sadly.

Craft and Growler | 3601 Parry Ave

Craft and Growler is the gold-standard of growler spots in Dallas, as they were the very first. They have over 40 taps with an emphasis on local brews, but this is a great place to try beers from all over the country. When getting your growler filled, you may notice their patented “beer gun,” and yes, it is as cool as it sounds. It purges the growler and fills it from the bottom, ensuring your beer stays fresher for longer. They have a wide selection of growlers you can by if you don’t bring your own — or if you just want to get a new one. Be careful though, because you can get addicted to buying growlers that will end up collecting dust on your kitchen counter. It might cause an argument or two with your significant other.

Civil Pour | 8061 Walnut Hill Ln #924

This new coffee shop/beer bar opened earlier this fall at The Hill off Walnut Hill with plenty of toys and gadgets to keep you caffeinated or buzzed depending on the time of day. Perhaps most impressively, they’ve imported a growler-filler from Austria that promises an oxygen-free experience to keep that beer fresh for months. Why you would want to wait that long to drink your beer is between you and your deity.

If you’re exclusively a bottle and can drinker, definitely consider changing things up with a growler from time to time. It’s a great way to expose yourself to smaller breweries that don’t have bottling capabilities. Plus, you’ll look really cool with your big-ass jug of beer.