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In Deep Ellum, a $6 Cheeseburger Steals the Show at an Award-Winning Cocktail Bar

Photo: Jonathan Rienstra

Photo: Jonathan Rienstra

These days, it takes a lot for me to go to Deep Ellum. Between the parking (or lack thereof), roaming groups of “woo” girls and “sup bro” guys, and the near-collisions of drunks on scooters, it’s becoming increasingly tough to find the fun amidst the bullshit. This is all a major bummer since I used to love hanging out down there and some of my formative years were spent moshing at RBC (when it used to stand for Red Blood Club), crowd surfing at LaGrange (now Three Links, which is still the best venue around), and soaking up the booze at Angry Dog. 

I’m not trying to sound like a grumpy old man — I’m definitely not; I’m still in my twenties — but my point is that I’ve had a lot of fun in Deep Ellum, and that’s been absent as of late. Now, if I do find myself in the neighborhood, it’s for a specific purpose. It’s because there is something I want to see or eat, and there has to be a pretty strong pull to get me there. One such draw these days is the happy hour at HIDE. More specifically, if I’m going to Deep Ellum, there’s a good chance I’m going to eat their burger. Yes, we’re about to discuss the burger at one of Dallas’ best cocktail bars.

Photo: Jonathan Rienstra

Photo: Jonathan Rienstra

The happy hour burger at HIDE is phenomenal by any standard. It’s a pretty simple burger, which is welcome amidst boutique burger bars that suffocate with bleu cheese and truffle oil. It consists of two thin patties, beer onions, bacon, garlic aioli, pickles and cheese.

Thin patties often run the risk of drying out, but HIDE keeps them perfectly moist and cooked to perfection. They are generous with the bacon as well, which is increasingly rare. The garlic aioli adds some nice depth, while the pickles add an acidic kick. Imagine a burger you’d get at an old-fashioned diner but kicked up a notch.

It’s also served with a sizable side of well-seasoned fries. If your mouth is salivating, I don’t blame you. But I haven’t even gotten to the best part: everything I just described comes in at 6 bucks. Yes; you read that right. You can get a double patty hamburger with fries for less than a large latte costs at some coffee shops. This happy hour ain’t messing around; just make sure you get there between 5 and 7 PM to get this great deal. 

While you’re there for the burger, make sure you get a cocktail too. In this heat, I personally recommend their happy hour margarita, which comes in at $6 as well. That’s the price of a Bud Light at some bars, so you might as well order something nice at HIDE and get your buzz on early in the day.

If you’re feeling particularly *ahem* frugal, you could find a pony Miller High Life in front of you for $2. You’ll be sober by the time you get in bed, so you’ll have a good night’s sleep. You can thank me for my informational services by toasting me when you hit up HIDE’s happy hour in the near future. You are going, aren’t you?