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Eat This: Where To Get The Meat Sweats in Dallas


Starting out the new year is all about new opportunities. Some might take the time to get in shape or learn another language or maybe how to knit. Us? We’re using it to get the meat sweats. Winter isn’t over, we still have a coat to put on before we come out of hibernation. Let’s eat.

Pecan Lodge |

2702 Main St

The line at Pecan Lodge can be as intimidating as taking on a beef rib by yourself, but there’s a way to get your brisket (and every other meat) faster. The Trough comes with one beef rib, 1lb. of pork ribs, 1lb. of brisket, 1/2 lb. of pulled pork and three sausage links and ordering it allows you to bypass the line inside. Now, it’s recommended to share this with three or four other people, but if you really want your meat sweats, favor quality over quantity when choosing some eating partners.

Knife | 5300 E. Mockingbird Ln.

Dallas is never lacking for steak, but the 240 Day Dry Aged Ribeye at Knife is the kind to make your heart stop in its tracks. This beauty takes steaking (a real word, no doubt) to the extreme by aging as long as some pregnancies last, which is relevant because once you’re done eating this, you’re going to have a food baby of your own.

Goodfriend | 1154 Peavy Road

Putting bacon on a burger is child’s play — you need to step up to Goodfriend where they’re loading brisket, queso, avocado, jalapeños and tortilla strips on top of their patties for The Alamo. It’s a meaty, cheesy, fatty combo that you’re sure to remember. (If this sounds too staid, inquire about their 4/20 Burger. It’s off-menu and not always available, but chili, queso and Flaming Hot Cheetos are involved.)

Louie King | 1916 Greenville Ave.

Since opening earlier this fall, Louie King has already made a mark on Lowest Greenville from bringing Central Texas barbecue to the neighborhood. If you want to sweat through your shirt during a lunch hour, we suggest the chopped brisket sandwich loaded with jalapeños. Oh, and you’ll want a tall boy PBR to go with it. It’s the simple things that make the best memories, and this is a sandwich that’ll remind you of a Hill Country road trip.

Cane Rosso | Multiple Locations

We always start brunch with the best of intentions, but inevitably our plans to order the yogurt parfait twist to heavier, hangover-busting dishes. We can’t help it, especially when we’re at Cane Rosso, because, well, just look at the Honey Bastard Fried Chicken Biscuit which takes the best of the Honey Bastard (i.e. soppressata and habañero honey) and puts it on top of some fried chicken and then between a biscuit. Oh, and there’s bacon marmalade. We’re sweating just thinking about it, and not because we’re depressingly hungover.

New York Sub | 3411 Asbury St.

We love a good sandwich, especially when it’s loaded up with enough meat that you have to unhinge your jaw to get a bite around it. (For example: The Italian Stallion.) But we talk about Jimmy’s too much, so consider the Meatball Sub at New York Sub Shop. Not only is it loaded with meaty balls, red sauce and heaps of cheese, but it makes our wallet smile at just $5 when you get a drink and chips. In fact, we’ll have two. No regrets, just meat sweats.