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Believe It or Not, It's Time for Oktoberfest Beers in North Texas


It seems to happen a little earlier every year, but it could just be that late August in Texas doesn’t feel like it’s only a month away from Munich’s famed festival. And yet. While lederhosen might be verboten in this weather, the malty, caramel notes of a Märzen are anything but. Give them all to us, we say. Here are the Oktoberfest beers from North Texas you can expect to enjoy.

Franconia Oktoberfest
5% ABV | IBU: 18
Available: September 1 to mid-October
It makes sense that we start with the German-est (and oldest) of North Texas breweries. Brewed full body and with German Hersbrucker Hops, this classic from McKinney makes for a classic six-pack. You know it’s good because Dennis Wehrmann came straight from Bavaria and a long history of brewers in his family. That’s authenticity you can’t buy.

Rahr & Sons Oktoberfest
6.7% ABV | IBU: 27
Available: July(!)
Don’t tell Rahr that we called Franconia the most German brewery in North Texas. They are second, only because Fritz Rahr’s ancestors got to the USA about a dozen decades before Dennis Wehrmann did. Still, very German. Their Oktoberfest hits the market early — as in, last month — and with a punch at 6.7% ABV. Das ist gut.

Wild Acre Mondlift Oktoberfest
5.7% ABV | IBU: 20
Available: September to October
Wild Acre is one of Fort Worth’s newer breweries, but the three years they’ve been brewing, they’ve established themselves for delicious, straightforward beers. It doesn’t hurt that they have a gorgeous taproom. You could find their Mondlift at the grocery store, but we think it’s worth paying them a visit to get it from the source.

Oak Highlands Oktoberfest 
5.8% ABV | IBU: 24
Available: August to October
Oak Highlands has created a classic Bavarian lager in North Dallas that goes great with a football game of either the American or more global variety. And you can drink this brew in good spirits because a percentage of the sales is donated to a breast cancer awareness charity. We’ll toast to that.

BraindDead Brewing Gemütlich 
5.1%ABV | IBU: 24
Available: Late August to October
We don’t speak German, so we’ll have to take BrainDead at their word when they say that Gemütlich means the “spirit of the beerhall.” All we know is that this lager goes great at their place with a Thick and Morty or on your porch with one of their crowlers. Doesn’t get much fresher than that. 

White Rock Ale House White Rocktoberfest
5.6% ABV | IBU: 20
Available: August to October
Over on the western side of White Rock Lake, you’ll find a killer pet-friendly patio (seriously, they just won Best of D 2019 for said award) You’ll also find the punny White Rocktoberfest on tap begging to be paired with the Brewben, made with corned beef, brewmaster’s beer cheese sauce, swiss, brewery sauerkraut and 1000 Island dressing on marble rye.

3 Nations Brewing Cozy Bavarian 
6.8% ABV | IBU: 15
Available: September to October
Over in Farmers Branch, 3 Nations is brewing a traditional German lager and then spinning it with their own flavors like black cherries and toffee to up the malt and give it a little more punch in the ABV. A couple of these and you’ll be a cozy Texan looking for a hammock to spend the afternoon in.

Bitter Sisters Hissy Fit 
5.8% ABV | IBU: 22
Available: Year-Round
Not specifically an Oktoberfest beer because it’s available year-round, the Hissy Fit is nonetheless a Märzen lager full of German malts for the classic flavors. It was well-received out of the gate when Bitter Sisters won gold at the Brewer’s Association World Beer Cup in 2016 in the German-style Märzen category.

Hop & Sting 3113 Oktoberfest
6.1% ABV | IBU: 33
Available: August to October
Hop & Sting’s 3113 is an Oktoberfest lager on steroids with a comparatively robust and hoppy 33 IBU, which makes it perfect for our warmer climes in September and October. Named after the Grapevine Firefighter’s Association Local 3113, a portion of the beer’s proceeds goes to supporting the firefighters.