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Drink This: DFW Beers For Those Spring Patio Afternoons


Dallas is a patio city. In fact, it might be what we do best, and comparatively better than any other city. Sorry, Chicago and Austin. That said, you don’t just sit on a patio to enjoy the weather. You sit on it to drink. Thankfully, North Texas breweries are creating cervezas perfect for an extended Saturday patio session. Let’s toast to warmer weather and lighter beers.

Lemonale | Lakewood Brewing

As bright as a sunny spring afternoon, the Lemonale is Lakewood’s newest brew to join their year-round line-up. From them lemon-forward flavoring to the 4.7% abv, it’s all about keeping things light. Supremely sessionable, the Lemonale is quite literally made for this.

Citra Slice | Community Beer Co.

It’s no surprise that citrus is a common element for spring beers. Community’s newest IPA is all about the Pacific Northwest as it’s inspired by trips to the hop-filled Yakima Valley in Washington State. It’s an IPA that balances its more bitter tendencies with the tropical flavors of citrus.

Hibiscus Zinger | Armadillo Ale Works

This seasonal wheat ale comes out of the can bright pink and ready to tickle your palate with its blend of hibiscus (duh), ginger and orange and lemon peel. At 5.5% abv, it even has a bit more kick than you might expect, but that’s all part of the fun of the Zinger. Pour one out and get ready for people to ask, "Ooh, what’s that?”

Hop To Be Square | Hop & Sting Brewing

The New England IPA craze might not be at the fever pitch it was the last couple of years, but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to turn down a juicy haze bomb on a warm spring afternoon. Eschewing an IPA’s typical bitterness for fruitier flavors, NEIPAs are thirst-quenching as hell.

El Chuco | Martin House Brewing

We’re always down for a trip to Fort Worth to hang out at Martin House, but fortunately, we don’t have to drive very far to get El Chuco, their 6.7% agave and guava sour. That being said, we would drive all the way to El Paso to get that incredible pint glass.

Zwickel Pilsner | Small Brewpub

As beers work their way toward more outlandish results with stouts full of sugary breakfast cereals and barleywines that make you wonder, “… Why?” there is a real value in breweries that create simple, great beer. Beer is a lot like a burger, right? When the patty, bun and cheese are focused on, you don’t need to top a burger with a bunch of other stuff to make it delicious. Or, take the humble Pilsner. It might not be the sexiest beer you’ll see, but as anyone who’s had a Real Ale Hans’ Pils on a hot day can attest, a well-executed pilsner is a beautiful thing. Grab this Czech pilsner at Small Brewpub and savor simplicity.