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North Texas Beers for Sippin' Poolside This Summer


We are officially in the throes of Texas summer, and while we wish we could fast-forward to October, we’re afraid that technology just isn’t quite operational yet. Instead, we will have to bide our time with beer and pools, as classic a summer duo as any. Curious as to what you should be sipping this summer? We’ve got a few DFW brews for you.

Adios Pantalones | Rahr & Sons Brewing

It’s simply too hot for pants, so we’re taking cues from Rahr and popping the top on this sessionable lager with citrus notes. And if we have a Paleta de Mango as a chaser, then that’s just a Rahr combo destined for a great poolside afternoon.

Deep Summer | Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

With flavors coming from hibiscus, lemon peel, and chamomile flowers, the Deep Summer ale from DEBC is going to have just the right amount of pep to its step that’ll keep you from falling into a sun-induced stupor.

Smash Experiment Blonde Ale | Texas Ale Project

As part of TAP’s R&D Series, the Smash Experiment is part of the brewery’s frontier. This single malt, single hop blonde ale has a nice 6% ABV to help you relax on the floaty of your choice.

Atomic Alliance | Manhattan Project

If you like getting caught in the rain (while in a pool) then the Pina Colada IPA from Manhattan Project is going to be your friend. It’s just the right amount of hazy for forgetting yourself for a while. (Photo: @df_doublebrew)

The Summer of George | Steam Theory Brewing

We can’t all get severance packages from the Yankees, but a 32 oz. crowler of this cream ale from Steam Theory will make an afternoon in the pool seem like three months of heaven.