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Give Thanks for These Dallas Bars Open on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the ultimate mixed bag of emotions. For every cute nephew named Oliver, there’s your *ahem* opinionated uncle Chet. This holiday is a precarious balancing act and while the bad doesn’t always win out, there’s one universal given: By the time Thanksgiving is over, you’re going to need some alone time and a stiff drink.

Lucky for you, we have a list of bars that are open on Thanksgiving, so you can escape your family and have some much-needed time to yourself.

Single Wide is a small, no-frills bar on Lowest Greenville whose lights are never raised above “extremely dim.” This is the exact type of establishment you want to escape to after an exhausting dinner. The drinks are cheap, the bartenders are friendly and the regulars will let you drink in peace. I’m not really sure what else you could want from a bar on Thanksgiving. They don’t open until 8:00 on Thanksgiving, so depending on how desperately you need to escape, you might want to hit another bar first.

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You’ve seen Cock & Bull mentioned here before, and you’ll probably see it again. This is one of Dallas’ finest pubs and its blend of dive-y and cozy makes it a great place to unwind. If you’ve had a particularly tough time, order a Redneck — a 24-oz. PBR and a shot of whiskey. If your family hasn’t been graced with any cooking abilities, the Cock & Bull is a great spot to grab a bite, as they have one of the best kitchens of any bar in Dallas. If you’re concerned about any creepy family members tailing you, rest assured knowing that they’ll probably miss the bar’s well-hidden facade. May you drink without looking over your shoulder.

Lakewood Landing is one of Dallas’ quintessential dive bars. The drinks are cheap and the mood is always on-point. They are also opening at 8:00 and their kitchen will be closed, but if you’ve gotten your fill of delicious Thanksgiving food, the last thing on your mind will be eating. If drinking won’t keep you occupied, you can always challenge a regular to a game of pool and get your ass kicked in the process (seriously, I’ve never won a game there… but I might also just suck at pool).

It might seem strange to refer to a four-year-old bar as “new” but anyone that remembers The Loon’s first iteration probably hasn’t processed the change entirely. But while The Loon’s new location opted for windows and a patio, it’s retained the OG’s love of stiff drinks and being open all day on Thanksgiving. If you’ve already worn out your welcome at home, The Loon will be ready to have you as early as 11 AM.

When I called Dallasite to see if they were going to be open on Thanksgiving, the woman on the phone informed me that they would be but they would be opening late at 3 PM. Yes, 3 PM is considered late by the wonderful folks at The Dallasite. This is a drinker’s bar, and it is oh so delightful. While the other establishments on this list could be considered hip, The Dallasite is anything but. It is simply a bar to throw back a few cold ones and maybe shoot some pool. By the time you leave, you’ll have forgotten your family even exists.