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Where to Get Sweets for Your Valentine This Year


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and this is the year to up your game. Why settle for mass-produced Russell Stover’s chocolate in a box and chalky-ass candy hearts when Dallas has top-tier chocolatiers, candy-makers and bakers spread throughout the city? Valentine’s Day can be a silly holiday, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat the people you love to some hand-crafted goodies. Lucky for you, we’ve done tireless research to find the best sweets our great city has to offer.

Flower Child | Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Dude, Sweet probably has the most creative chocolates in the city thanks to Katherine Clapner’s immense knowledge and use of off-the-wall ingredients. The best bet for Valentine’s Day, however, is the Flower Child. This truffle has floral and citrus notes and are balanced perfectly by 72% dark chocolate. The flavor is evocative of Earl Grey Tea with a squeeze of orange. Additionally, while they don’t make them every year, keep your eyes peeled for Dude, Sweet’s anatomically correct dark chocolate hearts. (Photo by Dude, Sweet Chocolate)

Teddy Bear | Kate Weiser Chocolate

One does not just walk away from Kate Weiser Chocolate empty handed. Go for the Teddy Bear and discover all the Valentines chocolates inside or keep it more traditional with her Artist Collection - 15 Piece Box is filled with hand-painted bonbons that range from strawberry basil to toasted coconut to salted caramel. (Or why not both?) They also will be hosting three Valentine’s Heart Candy Bar classes where you can make your own heart-shaped candy bars. (Photo: Kate Weiser Chocolate/Facebook)

Macaron Tower | Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie

If you feel like mixing things up this Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to go big. And there’s no better way to go big than with a Macaron Tower from Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie. No, you didn’t read that wrong; you can get a tower of macarons. Is this overkill for just one person? Maybe, but we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming your Valentine isn’t a quitter. Towers start at four tiers and are filled with colorful, delicious macarons. They are a sight to behold, so if you really want to up the wow factor, this is your best bet. (Photo: Bisous Bisous/Facebook)

Sweet Daze Dessert Bar makes gorgeous treats. Their colors and designs are simultaneously classy and psychedelic, which is a tight line to walk. You better believe their desserts taste as good as they look. From soft serve to cake to donuts, they regularly rotate flavors, so you’ll always have fresh options. Starting in February, they’ll be releasing a Valentine’s collection. You’ll want all of it. (Photo: Sweet Daze/Facebook)

Custom Cake | Society Bakery

If you want to go cheeky this Valentine’s Day, you need to order a custom cake from Society Bakery. Their list of accolades seems endless, and they deserve every single one. The attention to detail paid to each cake they make is truly staggering, so if you go this route, they’ll be able to produce a delicious treat that your significant other will not only find sweet, but a little salty too. (Photo: Society Bakery/Facebook)

Cake Balls | BAKED by Toni Rivard

Cake balls may seem like a distant fad at this point, but Toni Rivard’s cake balls are timeless. This Snider Plaza bakery has all sorts of tasty treats, but the cake balls steal the show. The mainstay flavors range from strawberry to red velvet to chocolate, but they’ve been known to produce special Valentine’s Day themed desserts. (Photo: Toni Rivard)