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Where To Get Your Veggie Burger Fix In Dallas


Whether you’re observing Meatless Monday, a staunch vegetarian, or just wanting to stray a bit from your meaty diet, opting for a fresh veggie burger can be a game-changing experience. But before you blindly venture out and hope for the best, try these cult-favorite menu options to skip out on the meat sweats in favor of something slightly healthier.

Cosmic Cafe
Cheeseburger enthusiasts, you’re going to love this. Cosmic Cafe’s infamous No Bull Burger has a delicious black bean base and comes with all of your standard-yet-healthy burger fixings (mushrooms, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts). But the real kicker is the amount of cheese. More specifically, your choice of cheddar, mozzarella or cream. Healthy? Hmm. Delicious? YES. 2912 Oak Lawn Avenue

Liberty Burger
Looking to try something a little different? This burger joint’s menu boasts some pretty tasty pairings (looking at you, Woodstock), offering up a swap with their A+ veggie patty *and* the buzzy Impossible patty. And before you dismiss the idea of subbing your beef with some meh (frozen) veggie patties, know that they make theirs every day with in-season veggies, seeds and grains. Boom. Multiple Locations

The Old Monk 
This Knox-Henderson favorite does their Vegetarian Burger a little differently. Instead of your standard mix of black beans, Old Monk fashions their patties in-house with lentils, bulgur wheat, leeks, mushrooms, corn, cashews and spices. Oh, and it pairs VERY well with one of their many beers on tap. 2847 N Henderson Avenue

Jonathon’s Oak Cliff 
If you can pull yourself away from their stellar brunch menu, this Oak Cliff spot also boasts quite the Veggie Burger, with a house-made quinoa patty, provolone cheese, roasted tomato, red onion, and a spicy Dijon mustard. 1111 N Beckley Avenue

With countertop, to-go, and delivery service available, you really have no excuse NOT to try their stellar black bean patty. Go ahead and sub any burger on the menu with this flavorful upgrade and don’t miss out on the crispy, *out-of-this-world* sweet potato fries.Multiple Locations

Rodeo Goat 
Don’t be relegated to only one veggie option when you venture out to get your burger fix. Rodeo Goat offers two different meatless experiences: the Billy F Gibbons, a brown and red quinoa, barley, radish and mushroom patty, and the Neil Young, a homemade veggie patty topped with hydroponic sprouts, beefsteak tomato, avocado and Green Goddess dressing. We’re always fans of their Design District location, but the newest Goat up at The Sound at Cypress Waters on North Lake will give you a great view to go with your veggie burger.  Design District: 1926 Market Center Boulevard | Cypress Waters: 9610 Wharf Road

Sundown at Granada 
You don’t have to eat here before or after a show at the Granada, but we’ve heard it makes for a much better experience. Veggie burger enthusiasts, make sure to order their Black Bean Buddha Burger, house-made quinoa and black bean patty with tangy Baja slaw and avocado. Helpful hint: you’ll want to add cheese and jalapeño. 3520 Greenville Avenue

Get the retro diner experience without the beef. Hunky’s Spicy Black Bean Burger features a black bean patty with a kick, Jack cheese, guacamole, and lettuce and tomato. Slightly spicy, filling, and pairs pretty damn well with a malt. 321 N Bishop Avenue, 3940 Cedar Springs Road

It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong at this place, but it’s a sin to not try their Veggie-Bean-Quinoa burger at least once. Made in-house with black beans, cannellini beans, quinoa, red onion, kalamata olives, carrots, red bell pepper, jalapeno, lots of herbs, whole wheat bread crumbs & organic eggs, it arrives with your standard burger fixings and a perfect amount of buttermilk ranch. 4814 Greenville Avenue

Spiral Diner 
Since *everything* at this Oak Cliff favorite is vegan, get ready to go buck wild with your meatless burger options. My personal favorite? The Ghost Burger. This flamethrower comes topped with Moore Jam’s pineapple ghost pepper jam, cream cheese, grilled organic spinach, french fried onions and ketchup on a buttered sesame seed bun. 1101 N Beckley Avenue