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Label Local Holiday Shopping Guide for the Dallas Workaholic


If there’s a workaholic in your life — and the holidays are approaching a little too fast for your liking — we have a gift guide for the perfect item (or two) to either help them succeed in their constant quest to reach the top or to help them unwind, reset and recharge. Keep reading to see the best gifts for your favorite Dallas Workaholic.

Everyone has a favorite coffee shop, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Cultivar has the best coffee. Whether you agree or get your coffee from somewhere else, we can both agree that a workaholic needs his or her own coffee mug. When you’re up early and in bed late, you need a stream of caffeine, and if you don’t have your own mug, you’re really blowing through a lot of disposable cups, and being that wasteful sucks. Plus, with your own mug, you can adequately represent your favorite shop

If you’re going to work hard all day, you need to look good while doing so. Mizzen+Main, a local shop, has some of the best dress (and casual) shirts around. They also promote dryness, so your favorite workaholic isn’t sweating through his brand new shirt. Shirts come in a wide variety of colors and patterns so you’ll easily be able to find the perfect item, but we’re partial to the Leeward Collection when it comes to that boardroom-to-bar look.

Despite their protests, workaholics need to wind down from time to time. There are many ways to accomplish this, but if you don’t want to send them to a rage room to blow off steam, go with Transcendental Meditation. These courses are pricey, but they provide skills for an entire lifetime. Not only do they inspire relaxation, but many people also report that their best creative ideas come from their time spent meditating. If it could help inspire David Lynch to make some of the most mind-bending films ever made, it can certainly help a workaholic take a PowerPoint to the next level.

Deep Ellum Distillery’s All-Purpose Vodka is the real deal. The locally made spirit has been winning awards all over the world, and it’s perfect to wind down with after a long day. If you want to change things up, they also offer apple cinnamon and dill pickle flavors. The head distiller, Reade Huddleston, uses real ingredients and infuses them all by hand, so you’re going to be getting authentic flavors. Find a bottle in your favorite liquor store or buy one straight from the source at their recently-opened tasting room (which houses a ton more infusions).

A set of personalized stationery will impress all of your workaholic’s friends and colleagues. This is a great way to set oneself apart and exude a certain air of professionalism or creativity. Before you know it, the workaholic in your life — with assistance from her or his stationery — will rise through the ranks… all thanks to your gift.

Bowling is a great way to wind down after a long day at work. It becomes even better at a Big Lebowski-themed alley. Throw in a super-stocked bar with a great cocktail menu, and all work worries will dissipate with the sound of the first pin you knock down. Even if you don’t knock any down, you can just drink.

We know, we know, who even uses a pen anymore? Not many people, which makes this stylish, eye-catching fountain pen a great choice. It will set your workaholic apart, and they’ll certainly stand out with this timeless pen. Talk about a classy gift!

With a phone in every purse and pocket, the wristwatch has been rendered unnecessary, but wearing one has never been more fashionable. Breda makes affordable mid-century modern watches right here in Dallas. The Joule lets people know that you mean business — and are always on time.