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Athletic Clubs For Getting Outside and Breaking a Sweat With Other Dallasites


The motivation to workout isn’t always there. In fact, it rarely is. The reason for this, I suspect, is twofold. First, working out isn’t really that fun; we’d rather get an extra hour of sleep or just hang out binging “Bad Girls Club.” Second, self-motivation is tough to come by. Without anyone or anything to hold us accountable (we’re independent adults, damnit), there isn’t typically a drive to do things that aren’t so fun. What are we to do? Make exercising more fun!

If you feel like you need to work out but want to capture the joy you felt as a kid playing, you should consider joining one of Dallas’ many athletic clubs. These are groups in which you either run, cycle, row or play sports. You’ll surely make friends with other members, and the reoccurring nature of their events will add some much-needed routine to your life. After all, working out is way better when it doesn’t feel like work.

Dallas Rowing Club
Rowing might seem like the pinnacle of preppiness, but it offers a full-body workout that you won’t find anywhere else. The Dallas Rowing Club was founded in 1983, and it resides on Bachman Lake. Memberships start at $300 a year for adults, and it grants you access to the boathouse, use of the club’s shells (boats), ergometers, and the full clubhouse gym. Dallas Rowing Club offers lessons and coached rows for rowers of all ages. If you’re looking for a good workout and want to try something new, rowing is a great choice. Just don’t fall into the lake.

6-Pack Trail
If you’d rather stay on land, and want to rock a buzz while getting in some miles, check out the 6-Pack Trail — a bike ride and craft beer tour. These tours are offered twice a month and each ride is about ten miles and will take you to an assortment of breweries, bars, and restaurants to help keep you fueled. These rides occur in Dallas, Forth Worth, Deep Ellum, and White Rock. Yes, I know the last two are part of Dallas, but the rides are self-contained to those neighborhoods, so BACK OFF. Each ride is $55 if you book in advance or $60 if you book the same day. This might seem steep, but you get six 8oz beers along the way. Plus, the day always ends with a tasty meal at one of our fine local restaurants. What are you waiting for? Get riding, and get drinking.

Dallas Running Club
The Dallas Running Club is an institution in our fine city. It is a volunteer-based organization that supports runners all year round. Membership for one person is just $40 a year, and it grants you access to a whole lot. They put on four quarterly club races, offer training programs in the fall, summer and winter, and they even do special, signature races twice a year. Finding a group of folks to run with is incredibly helpful when it comes to maintaining a habit of fitness, so Dallas Running Club offers a great service. If you want your running to be more casual, they do have regular social runs that conclude with fun gatherings. Whether you’re a seasoned sprinter or you’re just dipping your toes into it, checking out Dallas Running Club is well-worth your time.

Dallas Sport & Social Club
If you want to have a bunch of sports and activities to choose from, look no further than the Dallas Sport & Social Club. Membership to the club is free, though certain sports might require team and league fees. Sports range from basketball to softball to volleyball to cornhole and more. If you want to participate in a team sport you can either sign up with friends or by yourself and get placed on a team. Anyone is welcome to join Dallas Sport & Social club, regardless of skill level, so whether you can dunk from the free-throw line or you haven’t quite figured out how to dribble, you can still have a great time and meet some new people.

Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association
If you want to dust off that mountain bike that’s been hanging in your garage for years, the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association (DORBA) can help. Started in 1988, DORBA is a local institution. Membership in the group provides access to myriad trails and resources that will get your pedals pumping in no time. They offer competitive and non-competitive events that will have you sweating on the trails with new friends all year round. Memberships start at just $35 and will get you access to plenty of strenuous (and fun) exercise opportunities. Plus, you’ll look badass coming home, covered in dirt and sweat — like a modern-day, bike-riding Rambo.

Bicycles Plus Group Rides
Bicycles Plus has four shops throughout DFW with group rides every week. We’re particularly fond of the rides out of Snider Plaza that take you around White Rock Lake. Each ride is 20+ miles, so you’ll be getting in a great workout whether you are in their competitive A Group rides or the more relaxed, beginner-friendly rides. After all, we can’t all slap on the spandex and sprint the first time out. That takes practice and thighs of steel. 

Braindead Running Club
What fun is working out if you don’t get to reward yourself afterward (are endorphins really enough)? That is the core philosophy of the Braindead Running Club. This club offers casual runs and walks that always end for drinks and hangs at Braindead Brewing. This is a pretty informal group, so just check out the group’s Facebook page for more information. 

We hope you have fun breaking a sweat and meeting new friends. Cheers.