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Yeah and Haw, It's Time To Head To The Texas State Fair


The 133rd Texas State Fair is officially underway! Whether you’re brave enough to face the crowds on Thrifty Thursday or you’re stopping by around lunchtime during the workweek, it’s a pretty overwhelming place. It’s the nation’s largest state fair, after all. So plan your time and map your journey accordingly and make sure to check these bucket list-worthy items off your list before the fair ends October 20.

Surrender your personal space on the DART rail 
Trust us, you don’t wanna be stuck in fair traffic getting there and you don’t wanna be waiting to leave, either. So cozy up with a ton of strangers and take the DART rail—it goes all the way to the MLK fairground entrance (Gate 6). Also, if you need to buy a ticket, buy it through DART to save a couple of bucks. 

‘Gram a swan ride
Take a break from the crowds and paddle out onto Leonhardt Lagoon for an A+ shot of the famed Ferris wheel. And come on, you’re riding around in a giant white swan. Do it for the view *and* the ‘gram.  

Pin your hometown at Contain Yourselfie
If you’re entering the fair through Gate 5, you’ve probably spotted some bright storage containers around Leonhardt Lagoon. You’ve reached Contain Yourselfie! Snap a photo at one (or all) of these painted containers and make sure to take a sticker from the attendant to represent your hometown on the map.

Photo: Allison Collins

Photo: Allison Collins

Pretend it’s still summer with a Fla’mango Tango
It’s still hot, therefore it’s totally okay to still crave summer-inspired foods. The Fla’mango Tango checks all of our boxes—the creamy mango pastry satisfies that fried food craving, while the vibrant strawberry-mango sorbet works to keep you cool. Find this flamingo-topped masterpiece at Ranchero Deep Fried Love or Ranchero Norteno in the Tower Building Food Court or Lone Star Boulevard near the Hall of State. 

Go on a photo booth crawl
There are a ton of photo booths all throughout the Midway, so take a little break and pop in for a quick photo session. They don’t take coupons— only cash—so bring some $5 bills for two printed photostrips at each booth. And don’t forget to visit Photo Wagon in Trio of the Green near the Coliseum.

Get some gear airbrushed 
It’s not a true trip to the fair until you stop by the airbrushing booth to get some personalized goods. So go ahead, get your name airbrushed onto a hat (you probably forgot to bring one anyway), or opt for an inside joke with friends on a shirt. 

Double fist some Fletcher’s corny dogs
It’s a fair staple for a reason, y’all. And vegetarians rejoice—the veggie corny dog is just as good. Be nice to your neighbor in line; they may help you out and hold one of your dogs over at the condiment station. 

Attempt to conquer a fried dessert (or two)
This isn’t some fall festival where you can sample a thing or two on your way to dinner. It’s the fair, so put your eatin’ britches on. The fair is pretty good about mapping out the new eats of the season, so be sure to grab a map when you get there and plan accordingly. Helpful hint: we’d start out with the Deep Fried Nutella Custard Stuffed French Toast, Fried Southern Bourbon Bread Pudding and PB & J Bacon Pickle Dog.

Ooh and aww at the All-Star Dog Stunt Show
Y’all. It’s a stunt show full of rescue dogs and they are *killing it.* So get away from the sun (and alllll that walking) and park it for a second to see some adorable doggos jump rope and barrel race. 

Test-drive some special fall-only beers
Head over to Magnolia Beer Garden and Bluebonnet Porch Bar to check out what they’re pouring for the day. We’ve got our eye on Community’s Funnel Cake Ale, Tupps’ Cotton Candy Shandy and Revolver’s Corn Dog Ale. And if you’re not feeling the funky offerings (bor-ing!), the Beer Barn in Cotton Bowl Plaza and the Midway will have precious six-ticket domestics.