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Weekend Guide: Walking and Running Edition


We’re bracing ourselves for a pretty wintry and wet weekend, but that’s not going to dissuade us from having a good time, dammit! The Dallas Marathon is the big ticket item, but for those of us… “less motivated” folk, there are a couple of boozy walks to be had.

Sunday, December 9 | Downtown Dallas

Waking up early on a Sunday to go run 26.2 miles isn’t our idea of a good time, per se, but different strokes for different folks, right? Amazingly, you can still sign up for the race, but if you haven’t trained at all yet (and we don’t blame you) then maybe just stick to cheering from the sidelines. That’s what we’ll be doing.

Saturday, December 8 | Texas Live

Here’s something a little more our speed. Head over to Texas Live to get your hands on some wine courtesy of Goody Goody. We think it’s worth it to go for the VIP ticket and get that Prosecco and Popcorn pre-party. It’s only $10 extra and gives you a whole extra hour of Saturday boozing.

Sunday, December 9 | Bishop Arts District

Oh, would you look at that, another walk with booze. Bishop Arts District is throwing a three-day Jingle Bells on Bishop party, but this is the main event. We’re talking walking, shopping and drinking all under the veil of Christmas cheer. If you ran the marathon in the morning, consider this your reward. If you didn’t run the marathon, consider this your reward.

Friday, December 7 | Canton Hall

Kurt Vile sounds like the name of a very mean man, but the former guitarist of The War on Drugs might be one of the chillest guys making music right now. He’s bringing his observational lyrics and hypnotic guitar to Canton Hall on the back of his newest album, “Bottle It In”. If you’ve ever put on “Wakin on a Pretty Day” on a lazy Sunday, then you should be here.

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