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Label Local Dallas exists so you never miss out on Dallas' best and most interesting spots to eat, drink, listen and generally make the most of your time. 

Whether you’re a North Dallasite who has always wondered what lies on the east side of White Rock (answer: Dairy-Ette), or an out-of-towner looking to discover the Dallas beyond J.R. and JFK, Label Local Dallas is ready to show you everything the city can offer.

Come be a local with us.

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The Team


Jarrett Shaffer 

Founder & Publisher

A local loving, always eating, coffee guzzling, digital marketing, music playing nomad. Hailing from New Mexico, he jumped head first into the Dallas' culture, through publishing, music, and marketing. A Houndstooth regular, he enjoys all that is crafted; coffee, beer, wine, pizza, music, clothing, home design, and art.


Jonathan Rienstra

Managing Editor

Jonathan Rienstra is the managing editor of Label Local Dallas. A graduate of UT Austin and Dallas native, he has spent the last decade writing about restaurants, bars and other, less interesting topics across the state. He lives in Dallas near several taco spots.

Allison Collins.jpg

Allison Collins


Allison Collins lives in Denton, Texas with her husband and two rescues. She is a Mid-Century Modern enthusiast, regular Home contributor for Brit + Co., and always on the hunt for a new podcast to binge on her frequent trips to Far-West Texas.

Taylor Begg.jpg

Taylor Begg


Taylor Begg is a Portland-native student living in Denton, Texas with her fiancé and their dog. She works as a freelance contributor and plans to graduate with a degree in graphic arts. She enjoys painting from life and drawing.

Gefen Kusin-Kline

Contributing Writer

Gefen Kusin-Kline is a native Dallasite who is constantly looking for ways to put his English degree to work. When he's not writing— for work and pleasure— he can be found riding his bike, nerding out about of horror movies, watching basketball, and generally trying to bribe affection from his cat, Sushi. He lives in Old East Dallas with his girlfriend Brennan, and he'll be happy to tell you about all the best bars and restaurants in the area, whether you ask for his input or not.