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Drink This: DFW Beers for Drinking Around Your Campfire


It’s late fall, and for North Texas, that means that it’s time to go camping. Now whether that means pitching a tent at Possum Kingdom, glamping in the Hill Country or just hanging out in your backyard, the odds are there will be a fire to sit around after dinner.

It’s so ingrained in our DNA that we’ll even get a fire going in the middle of a July night. Thankfully, it’s November. As you sit around your seasonally appropriate blaze, you’ll want something to drink. Here are a handful of local beers ready for a night of flannel, ghost stories and glowing embers.

La Lechuza | Four Corners Brewing

We’ll start with a beer that embodies campfires. Named after the Mexican shape-shifting witch that tends to take the shape of a large owl with a woman’s face, La Lechuza is a s’mores stout that pours heavy and sweet. Seriously, you have a ghost story and s’mores in one can — if you find something more appropriate for fall camping, let us know. Just watch out for the real Lechuza.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Stout | Martin House Brewing

When Martin House began brewing back in 2013, one of its original beers was There Will Be Stout, a pretzel-forward beast that quickly gained a fan-following. This year, they updated the Pretzel Stout with a limited run infused with peanut butter. As you toast your toes by the fire, toast your luck with this toasty update to a Fort Worth classic.

Wintervention | Peticolas Brewing

Has the temperature dropped close to freezing? Then you’re in desperate need of a Wintervention. This strong-spiced winter ale checks in at 10% ABV and is as dark as a December night. It’s practically another jacket, it’s so heavy.

Snicker Doodle Ale| Community Beer

Fresh cookies are delicious, but who wants to go back and forth from the kitchen when there’s a fire to enjoy? Community Beer cuts out the commute with their Snicker Doodle Ale. You get the big cinnamon and vanilla flavors that make Snicker Doodles an all-time top five cookie. Plus, this ale checks in at only 5.2% ABV, making it one of the lighter beers on this list.

Vanilla Porter | Oak Highlands Brewery

Like most porters, this version from Oak Highlands features the classic coffee and chocolate notes. But then they went and loaded it with vanilla to mellow it out. And that’s all good and well, but you really want to keep an eye out for their Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Porter because it takes all of those flavors and steeps them in the rich sweetness of a bourbon barrel. (Dog not included.)

Legal Holiday Ale | Legal Draft Beer

If you’re one of those folks who like to break out the mistletoe and Christmas decorations the second that Halloween is over, then you’ll want to have Legal Holiday Ale in your koozie. Loaded with orange peels and spices, this is like Christmas in a can. Ho, ho, hold my beer.